Care4BrittleBones aims to improve the quality of life of people with Brittle Bones Disease

Who is who

Resilience of people with OI

People with OI can be as fragile as glass. After every operation or fracture – time and time again-  they work hard to bring their body back into shape to live their lives as independently as possible. Many people are amazed by the will-power and resilience that they observe in people with OI. This power has been called “the unbreakable spirit”.

Core values ​​of the Care4BrittleBones foundation

The core values ​​of the foundation are derived from this “unbreakable spirit”:

Positive + Inspiring + Innovative.

  1. Positive: Many people with OI choose to live their life with a lot of humor and celebrating what’s good. They dare to enjoy the good moments to the maximum despite the fact (or precisely because of the fact!) that it is not a matter of “whether” they will break again, but “when”.
  2. Inspiring: Many people feel inspired when they observe people with OI. The truth is that dealing with set back and frustration will make us all (people with or without OI) stronger in the end. It also sharpens our appreciation of the small good things in life. This power is in all of us. By celebrating the “unbreakable spirit” with the activities of our foundation, we are referring to this power.
  3. Innovative: People who are “different”, are constantly facing visible and invisible obstacles. People with OI often become masters of dealing creatively with adversity, which can lead to unexpected, surprising and innovative solutions. We also want to use that strength in our foundation.