Care4BrittleBones aims to improve the quality of life of people with Brittle Bones Disease

Advisory Boards

The role of the Advisory Board
Advisory Board members are carefully chosen based on their expertise and reputation for collaboration. They are acting in the best interest of people with OI worldwide, irrespective of their own discipline or national background.

All Scientific Advisory Board members have an outstanding professional reputation and a proven track record of working closely with the OI-community over many years.
All OI Advisory Board members have OI themselves and have a good knowledge of the condition. They are taking a broad perspective and (informally) advise on behalf of the OI community (not from a personal perspective). Many of them have a qualified medical or scientific background in healthcare, others are leading national OI Organisations or hold another important role as networkers in the community.


The Advisory Board advises on which research projects we should prioritise and advise us in relation to our research strategy and communication. We usually deal with all Advisory Board members as “one group”. The input from both, Science and the OI Community are essential for the Care4BrittleBones Foundation to make the best decisions for the longer-term Quality of Life of people with OI.

Selection criteria for appointment

  • Exceptional professional expertise
  • Track record of close collaboration across professionals, internationally and with patients).
  • Track record of acting in the best interest of people with OI worldwide, irrespective of their own discipline or national background
  • Support to the strategic direction of the Care4BrittleBones Foundation (Multi Year Plan)

In addition we are seeking to balance:

  • Clinical + Basic Science
  • Geographical distribution
  • Adult & Paediatric expertise
  • Diversity


Advisory Board members

We are very proud of our Advisory Board which has been reconfirmed and refreshed in 2022 and 2023. It is multidisciplinary, representing the global reach of Care4BrittleBones and includes some of the brightest people in science, healthcare and the OI Community.