Care4BrittleBones aims to improve the quality of life of people with Brittle Bones Disease

How can I help

Creating your own crowdfunding page

If you would like to help creating your own crowdfunding page may just be the solution!

Perhaps you are going to do something challenging. Maybe a 5 or 10 kilometer run or a marathon, a bike or walking tour or something completely different. Committing to undertake a challenge, gives a purpose, a goal to work towards and reach. Reaching a personal goal and fundraising at the same time gives you just that extra push and an even more fulfilment!

Also crowdfunding pages are a great way to celebrate a birthday, wedding or jubilee.Many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of people with OI have asked donations for Care4BrittleBones  instead of gifts or flowers using a  personal crowdfunding page.

If this is something for you, we would like to kindly ask you to support Care4BrittleBones. Through scientific research we aim to improve the quality of life of people with the brittle bone disease (OI). Since this disease is very rare, there is limited funding available. Foundation Care4BrittleBones is 100% committed to scientific research. And you can contribute too creating your page.

How to set up your own crowdfunding page


Our fundraising platform provides a very easy to use platform with a global access. You can also use it if you prefer donations in a personal event such as birthday or wedding. Donors can identify themselves or remain anonymous. They can use credit card or Ideal.

Open and choose “Start Fundraising”!

  1. Facebook

People who are very active on facebook can also consider a facebook donation page. Care4BrittleBones is recognized as a charity on Facebook and any donations collected for our purpose are directly transferred to our foundation. Donations on facebook can be done through credit card and PayPal.

Tips to receive more donations on your crowdfunding page

Tip 1: Make it personal

Tell why you started this activity and why you chose to support care4brittlebones. Your supporters and donors decide to donate because they know you and are curious as to why you commit to this cause. Through personal photos and texts you make sure your page as personal as possible. For example, create a video and show what you are up to in relation to your challenge or activity. It doesn’t need to be long. This will really bring your activity to life and will result in more donations.

Tip 2: Post regular updates

Inform people regularly how you are getting on. The power of a message is in repetition. You can do this via social media, via a personal or group message.
Experience tells us that the last two weeks before your activity are  the time when most donations are being done. Provide regular updates during this period. Your donors are keen to find out if you reach your target amount.

A few examples of status updates:

  • I am preparing for [your activity and / or event] and hope you will support me! Donate to {name charity] to support me using this link.
  • Instead of gifts, this year I opted for donations to [name charity], I am already about half way to my target amount, thank you to everyone who has supported me. Help me reach my goal via [link]
  • [Donor name] Thank you for your donation [link to your page]

When others see what you do and that others are donating, they are more inclined to do so too. It will certainly benefit your contribution.

Tip 3: Put your page link in your e-mail signature

By placing the link to your personal page in your e-mail signature you increase the chance that people click through and donate.

Tip 4: Send WhatsApp & SMS messages

Create a WhatsApp/messenger group with some of your contacts, ideally people who know each other. Now and then refer in the group to your crowdfunding page. Thank specific people in the group for their donation making their donation visible to other group members. It will be more likely that others will feel inclined to support you too.

Tip 5: Approach companies to sponsor you

Don’t forget to reach out to companies to sponsor you. Your employer, a good customer, a great supplier. As a thank you write a special update messages with their company name in it. Or place their logo as an image on your page.

Thank you very much for your support and contribution to research into Osteogenesis Imperfecta. We are immensely grateful for your efforts. Good luck.

TIP 6: Follow up and Thanks after the action

It is very important to thank everyone once again after your action. Everyone loves to read an enthusiastic message and see a photo or video of your performance! Make sure you address ALL people you have approached before with this “Close out communication” (and use the bcc function in your e-mail). Reason is that some people are donating anonymously and you will not know who has donated and who has not. Thank everyone for their contribution and at the same time send the link to the website, so that people who have not yet donated have another chance to make a donation. Sometimes this can generate another 20% additional fundraising!