Care4BrittleBones aims to improve the quality of life of people with Brittle Bones Disease

Rehabilitation, Fitness and Daily Living

Please follow the advice of your physician or physical therapist before initiating these exercises. People with OI are very different from each other. Every single person with OI (like people without OI) benefit from regular exercise and everyone can do it, if adapted to their own unique ability. There is no “cook book” that applies to everyone. Movements should be done in a slow and comfortable manner, without any jarring or pain. If you feel any pain, use common sense and stop the exercise. When starting to move more, keep in mind: “less is more” and find something you love to do!!!

  • Education

    General information about physical rehabilitation.
  • Exercises

    An overview of several exercises, both wheelchairbased and non-wheelchairbased.
  • Hydrotherapy

    Information and tools for hydrotherapy and swimming.
  • Daily living

    Practical tips for living an independent life with OI.
  • Get inspired by others

    Get inspired by others and see how you can dance, swim, play tennis and be active in your life with O.I.
  • By Age-group

    Find helpful information for babies, children and adults.