Care4BrittleBones aims to improve the quality of life of people with Brittle Bones Disease

Our new website:

One of the 4 goals of our foundation is to inform people about OI and OI research. In order to share more information in a userfriendly way we have decided to do a complete refresh of our website.
Here are some links you may want to check out:

  1. – the link to the new webpage,
  2. New: tips for companies who are considering to raise funds for OI
  3. The status of all research projects has been updated: Both: currently running research projects and research projects that have been completed
  4. We have established a new Information platform HERE

We would like to especially point you to the platform for physical rehabilitation. In this area we are making all the information available we learned and developed during and after the Physical rehabilitation project led by Dr. O. Semler and B. Mueller in the last 2 years:

Much more material is available. Take a look yourself! Please share the material with your physiotherapist, occupational therapist and rehabilitation doctor! We hope it provides you with practical skills and exercises to help you participate in life fully!!

Our work in this area continues. Please help to make this website most useful by providing us with your feedback (suggestions for new material or improvements to make) by sending an e-mail to